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How to choose my size?

First you must know if you are going to buy a full body shaper or a waist cincher. If it is a body shaper (long legs, short or panty type), find your pants size in the size chart and then choose the corresponding size of your shaper garment.

If you are going to buy a waist cincher, take the measure of your waist (at the highness of your belly buttom) and then the measure of your hips (at the most prominence part of your buttocks). Take a loose measure, leaving two fingers of space between the tape meter and your body. Then select the size of your garment according to the next size chart.


Considering information:

You should take the measure of your body in normal state. If you have recently had a surgery or partum, inflammation can alter the right measure of your garment. We strongly recommend you to use a shaper with 2 or 3 level of hook’n’eye clasps to graduate compression as needed.